If you’ve read my bio, you might remember I see stories as a way to to educate, share, and empower.  To that purpose I write fiction, autobiographical non-fiction, and motivational pieces to share with others. Some take the form of lessons and others I tell like campfire tales, but in the end my goal is the same.  Here are a few that stand-out to me.


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Previous Talks

Kennesaw State University

Beyond the Binary Radical Sexual Identities in Human Sexuality

Student Safe Space

Acceptance & Identity


National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Creating Change Conference

Creating a Student Safe Space


2nd Annual QTPOCfest

Surviving Jesus: Overcoming Trauma of the Church and Becoming your Spiritual-Self


Jellywink Boutique

The Art of the Selfie


Black Lives Matters: Rebels, Radicals & Revolutionaries
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Surviving Jesus